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Words From the Heart

See Your Destiny

By Charity Gustke

In the presence of The living God there is fullness of joy. The art of waiting is where we grow stronger. The skill of listening is how we tap into the heart of the matter.  It is time to quiet our hearts and lives before our God, wait on His leading and let Him speak to us personally. All are born unique, but many will die a copy, because of  their own choosing. God has a personal destiny for your life, and you are the only one with the  authority to thwart it.

To him who has an ear let him hear...... your destiny is waiting for you. No one else can access it, no one else can mandate it or validate it.  It was created for you only.. before the foundation of the earth.  God Himself ordained it. In the same way nature displays diversity and uniqueness, so does each persons destiny. If all creation declares in unison my glory through its many differences, why don't you ? Be who you are in Me, through the power of my spirit. Break out of man made religious molds and self made prisons of fear. You are already loved in the beloved. I designed your DNA unique  not only in the physical, but also in the spirit.  Everything pertaining to life and Godliness has been made available to you. You must choose to access it in the spirit. I will show you the way, in the secret place.

 It is not enough to sit and listen to a corporate word for the body given on a Sunday morning and think you have heard all you need to hear. Although the corporate word may help train and equip, encourage and exhort, more is required. The steps of a righteous man are order by God, and every saint must learn to walk in the way of the Lord, through the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit.  There is a whole culture surrounding us that goes to any length to prove that they are unique, fighting for that   acknowledgment  by  their peers.  The truth is that they will never know what they are searching for until they know their destiny in Christ. The reality in the spirit is that there are only two people groups . Those that are in Christ and those that are not. Not all calling themselves Christians, are really in Christ.

I pray that the love of The Lord Jesus touch your heart in a new way today. I pray that today you know a new facet of Jesus that you never knew before. I pray His blessings overtake you and give you peace. I pray your vision be lifted higher than it has ever been before.  I pray you walk worthy of His high call on your life today. I pray you know today the destiny He has set before you. I pray for the courage of heart, accessed by grace to get above those things that hold you back from achieving that destiny for today. This day is a gift from God to you, use it to His glory. :)

Be blessed my friends,

Charity Renee'