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New Heart Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt church. All gifts are tax deductible and can be done through the mail or online. Your donations will make it possible for the scope and vision of New Heart Ministries to expand wherever God leads us throughout the world. Thank you for catching the vision with us and believing in our work, and for supporting what God has entrusted to us.

Words From the Heart

A Day of New Beginnings

By Charity Gustke

This is a new day in the spirit. For those that choose to embrace it, a spirit of love, power, and sound mind will come. This is The Lords promise to you. Christ came to set the captives free and loose all the chains that bind. Freedom through The Spirit is true liberty. I hear the sound of a trumpet in the spirit, calling His to Himself. Calling those called by His name to stand in victory, in the face of Adversity…. 

“Build yourselves up in your most holy faith that the entire world might see, what I already see, says The Lord. This is the day and season for a revealing of my church in the world. Go out into the world and take back what has been lost. I have already prepared the way for you; hide my word in your heart that you might know the way in which to walk. Authority was lost, but to you it has been redeemed. In this year you will see me move in power and might. In my name, all things are possible. Keep your eyes fixed on me and purify your hearts, guard them from any offense that you might not stumble. My church that is coming forth, will not look like, sound like, or function like it has in the past. Get ready for great change. Do not resist the moving of my Spirit. It is truly a new day for My people called by my name.