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Words From the Heart

Its Time for Violent Love

By Charity Gustke

As I journey through this life I am more and more convinced it is only a training ground for something greater. Far beyond what an eye can see or an ear can hear or what our minds or thoughts can hold. The power behind creation is the One calling us higher and deeper than the things that confine. As the spirit of a man touches the heart of God it will begin to leap and grow, beating with His heart. His heart beats with goodness and love. Pure undefiled, unpolluted, violent love. It is such a powerful force it is beyond words. His heart of love is shaking the foundations of the earth, yearning for the day in which we will be with Him forever ruling and reigning in His glory. I’m talking about a love greater than any earthly experience can capture. Its stronger than the overwhelming feeling of walking down an aisle to meet your love at the altar, its greater than the love that floods your heart the first time you look down into the face of  your new born child. It is stronger than any earthly trial. It makes the seasons of doubt fade away, it makes sickness and pain seem so small, it reaches the very depths of suffering and brings hope, it says right in the face of death…. Fear not!! I’m here. The love of God is the answer to everything, and by it everything is held in place. God has made this very power available to whosoever chooses to access it by faith. The power to walk in this love was given to you the day He declared it is finished. That act of violent love which stormed the gates of hell brought the kingdom of God to you. He redeemed the keys from the pit and puts them into the hands of His saints. His love unlocked every door that could possibly hold you captive. When you grab hold of those keys and begin to unlock doors that hold others captive you are establishing His kingdom on this earth. The earth He created for us to rule and reign on is then functioning as it was meant to. Step over what ever holds you back from accessing what He has made available to you. Grab hold of that violent love that would see things clearly. Know this day that for those that choose Him, the deposit He wills to put in you, no one else can give you, and no one else can take it away. No one else can access it, or duplicate it. It is unique for you and you alone. So today operate in kingdom authority through violent love. Die to live. Give it all away to gain. Surrender to win. Lay down all you have thought to be true in your understanding and walk in His kingdom…..Righteousness, peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost.